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RedMax's line of heavy-duty, commercial-grade trimmers can clear, trim or edge multiple acreage estates with ease.

RedMax trimmers include solid-steel drive shafts that are splined on both ends. This reduces vibration and improves acceleration, creating a much higher load-carrying capacity. The result is an efficient, low-friction, smooth-running machine that is comfortable to use. Solid-steel drive shaft systems deliver trouble-free operation with no maintenance and downtime when compared to flex-cable or flex-shaft units.


Considered an industry leader in performance, durability and selection, RedMax's handheld and backpack blowers are efficient, powerful and easy to operate.

Handheld blowers have a lightweight construction and are extremely well-balanced for easier handling.

All backpack units are equipped with variable speed cruise control throttles and extra-wide shoulder straps and a contoured, air-forced, cushioned back pad that keeps users cool in the field. RedMax backpack blowers use only commercial-grade engines with large 2-stage air filters for long service life. Most models include our patented Strato-Charged engine technology. Backpack blowers are also equipped with wide-sweep elbow rotation for full operator mobility and maneuverability, even in cold weather. Commercial models are equipped with Free Flow Air Net, which reduces air intake blockage providing maximum blowing performance.



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